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Why can’t anything ever be simply the amount of feelings for someone and how they feel why is it all such frustration and confusion and the horrid overwhelming feeling that that one person you have come across that you don’t think you could let go may even find someone better then you I just want answers or some sort of effort being shown why am I always the one to make the effort for that one persons happiness

Anonymous: Id just like to say your the most kind ratted gurl I've ever come across and although you don't see what most people see in you but the fact you bring so much warmth to others and go out of your way for people and even the kind you really care about And I honestly wish you all the best chick any guy would be so bloody lucky to have you you honestly deserve a wonderful boy and all the happiness in the world to have you is by far the best gift the world could ever offer

You are the greatest human to ever enter this world I cannot thank you enough for your kind words honestly it means the world to me to hear your opinion and that fact you took time out of your night to make me just that little bit happy and I wish you the best forever and ever this seriously made my day I was having quite a struggle today due a lot of not so fancy thing happening in my life and not going my way :( but you managed to out a smile on my face